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85% of Cambodians live in rural areas 

Farming: for most rural families, there are few or no options

Most farming families grow a single rice crop each year. During the 6-month dry season, they have no access to water to irrigate their fields.

Even during the rainy, rice season, their work is concentrated during short periods for planting and harvesting. During the rest of the year, there is very little "farm" work to be carried out. If they have a couple cows, children generally take them into the fields each day to free range.

Little help is offered to train them new principles and ideas for using their land in productive ways throughout the year.

Jumpah is slowly developing a small farm -- the goal is to be a working and productive farm that will provide some income to Jumpah AND model practical and simple activities that can provide food and income to many rural farming families.

While we experience regular obstacles in reaching our dream, periodic successes fuel our determination and resolve.

Have a green thumb and a desire to serve? Come join Jumpah. Help us develop some new models for Cambodian farmers!
raised bed gardens
raised bed gardens
hydroponic systems
nursery for seedlings
introduce cash crops
lots of mulch and organic matter
encourage local, heat tolerant vegetables
The Reality for Farmers
Backbreaking manual labor
Six-month dry season
Lack of encouragement,
training, and practical models to change methods 
Discouraged by previous failures

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Jumpah is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.

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