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Jumpah Stories Bring Perspective and Flavor

From the sandy beach to Jumpah: a mom and her three boys

Peng was having a rough life -- HIV positive and three boys from three different men.

Vung was born with club feet and tight, restrictive bands around both wrists.

Her youngest boys, Pick and Chang, were HIV positive. The family of four lived and survived on the street, with Vung's begging their only income.

At the beach, Thia was offered assistance but refused. If Vung's problems were fixed, how would she get money to live, she reasoned.

Eventually the family was referred to Jumpah. A secure environment, plenty of food and gracious caretakers brought comfort and relief to the mom and her boys.

Without needed medications, Thia soon died. 

Vung's issues have been surgically repaired.  He works at the Wood Shop and supports himself. 

Pick and Chang are on antiretroviral medications. They live at Garden of Joy and attend the Jumpah School.

All are content, happy and growing.

Peng died knowing Jesus and knowing that her boys were in the hands of people who would love them forever.

Just one of many moms who experienced the same loving compassion in their final days on earth.

Affordable land formed the foundation of Jumpah's service to people in need

Jumpah purchased the Garden of Joy property in 2002, after Tim and Chantha scoured the countryside in search of a site that was rural, close to all levels of government schools, not near a major road, and affordable.

Over time, land was also purchased for 1) a farm and 2) for desperate families living with HIV-AIDS.

Time was spent with villagers, especially members of the village development committee. We wanted them to be clear about Jumpah's desire to help people, including families living with HIV-AIDS.

Local crews were hired to prepare the land and to construct the simple cement and thatch buildings. 

The village of Sobhan saw many desperate individuals and families supported and encouraged through tremendous periods of crises.

It was a time for compassion and a time filled with tears. But many suffering parents and children saw the love of Jesus in the hands and feet and actions of those who served.

A strong team of Cambodians emerged from those early days, and they now continue to serve the needs of rural Cambodians -- only the types of needs and the methods of service have changed.

Review the early days of compassionate service to desperate people

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