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Place of Peace

The roots of Jumpah's Compassion and service

Pictures awaken tearful . . . and joyful memories

Place of Peace -- Jumpah's trial by fire

On the outside, Place of Peace appeared anything but peaceful. Bodies ravaged by the impact of HIV-AIDS seemed to grow thinner, uglier and sicker by the day. Children arrived, some also HIV positive but all undernourished. Our young and untrained, but kind and compassionate workers got to work bathing, feeding, comforting and praying.

All this while rooms for families were under construction, fruit trees were being planted, and water was carried in. 

Today, only pictures bring back the memories, many painful and sorrowful, but also grateful and joyful.

As sick as moms were when they arrived, fresh air, delicious and abundant food, hand-holding caregivers, some basic medications, and songs of Jesus eventually brought smiles of appreciation and words of thankfulness from their mouths.

Then Thia died and everything changed. What do we do with the children? What do we do with the body? Who do we inform of her death?

Yes, it was a fledgling ministry, born out of necessity and christian compassion.

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