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Jumpah School completing its Fifth Year

During the school's first six years, enrollment grew from 35 to 344 children.
During the last school break, Rozo (principal) and all our teachers were a bit worried about the number of students who would register... Especially since we raised the monthly fee from $10 to $13.
The fees were raised in order to make progress in reaching our goal of a sustainable school -- one that will, eventually, not require outside assistance. It is a challenging goal, for sure, but Cambodia needs a successful model that can be sustainable and provide a phenomenal education experience for the children.
Enrollment has grown since the initial year.
Year 1 -- 35
Year 2 -- 98
Year 3 -- 128
Year 4 -- 137 (Feb '17)
Year 4 -- 148 (Apr '17)
Year 5 -- 171 (Oct '17)
Year 5 -- 195 (Jan '18)
Year 6 -- 344 (Jan '10)
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Jumpah teachers and staff members have had great opportunities to interact with parents and other villagers, since the school opened. These relationships are opening up many other ways to get involved in their lives and make a positive impact.
Hoping for another school year with increased attendance. School is open for preschool, kindergarten, and grades 1 - 6.
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Many children do not go to school -- either because they don't live near a school or they don't have money to pay the teacher. 

The Jumpah School offers a great educational experience for children living near Sobhan village. 

You can help families afford school access through a GIFT of just $100 per year. That, with the $fees paid by the parents will ensure that Jumpah continues to offer this tremendous learning experience for rural children!

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Jumpah is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.

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