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Garden of Joy - a home for children orphaned from the impact of HIV-AIDS

When moms and some dads began to lose the battle with the HIV virus, Jumpah built a house on property about 300 meters up the gravel road from Place of Peace.

The kids already knew the staff at Garden of Joy, as they were also caretakers at Place of Peace. Children could just walk down the village road to visit their friends. It was like one big family.

Five children became nine; then nine became 13. Before we were ready, the number of children in the house required a second house - one for boys and one for girls. At the same time, another caregiver couple needed to be selected.

Eventually each large room housed about 20 children. Some kids who survived the death of their parents at Place of Peace went to other situations, often with a grandmother. A couple children were actually kidnapped; a few ran away and were never heard from again. 

Slowly, a new and very large family bonded together, especially after Rooen and Pidow and their three girls arrived to be the primary caregivers. 

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Jumpah is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.

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