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Volunteers can make a huge difference in people's lives

Current opportunities (all in Cambodia / at least three months)
Farm Manager and Trainer

Our farm activities have struggled over the years, but local farmers are desperate for some practical, productive and profitable agricultural practices that they can rely on.

Current activities include:

     - raised bed gardens

     - back to eden gardens

     - hydroponic systems

     - container gardens

     - some fruit trees

     - elephant grass

     - seedling nursery

     - compost and mulch

     - natural pesticides

     - rain gutter grow systems

     - drip irrigation

     - watching lots of youtube videos

But nothing has yielded consistent, positive results.

We aren't looking for a miracle worker. We need a person with knowledge, experience and common sense to walk with us each day. We need you to teach, to explain, to solve problems, to be creative and come up with local solutions....

Shop Manager and Woodworking instructor

Our Wood Shop has benefited from short term and part time volunteers. Because of that, our Shop is very close to paying for itself.

But we believe the Wood Shop can be and do much more.

A full time volunteer with experience in woodworking and a strong desire to pass on those skills to a growing group of Cambodians will make a huge impact.

The shop began making mostly small handicraft items but now spends the majority of time making furniture and other custom pieces for the local market.

You love working with wood.


Now is your chance to use that passion to develop a team who will build a business that will benefit many more families in the future.

Marketing and Small Business manager / trainer

All of our social enterprises need a volunteer with marketing and small business skills, knowledge and experience.

The woodworkers can make excellent furniture, but require help alerting potential customers. Same thing regarding garden produce -- when we harvest lots of tomatoes, we need customers ready to buy them.

Jumpah has a shop in Phnom Penh that displays and sells the various products from our small businesses.

A volunteer will work closely with our Cambodian manager, to market products, meet potential customers, establish accounting systems and other necessary business systems.

While an experienced volunteer is desired, Jumpah will consider a recent college graduate.

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Jumpah is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.

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