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Bike Ride Hopes to Send More Kids to School

I'm Riding my Bicycle Across Iowa during the final week of July. I hope it will inspire and motivate you to Help More Kids Go to School in Rural Cambodia. Hard to believe, but every $100 helps one child attend a great school for an entire year.

I will Ride. You can Give. Kids will Learn.

Many kids in rural Cambodia never go to school. Seven out of ten kids who do attend never complete grade six. And many of those students never actually learn to read and write. This picture was taken during one of many bike rides in Cambodia. On every ride, I talked to unattended kids unable to go to school.

The Jumpah School is changing that for more and more kids. In five years, attendance has gone from 35 to 195 students.

Now, Jumpah is building additional classrooms in order to accept more children. Parents know our teachers will teach, will love the kids, and will not demand bribe money. Parents are willing to pay a monthly fee for the opportunity (in October, the fee will increase from $10 to $13 per month per child).

Your gift will enable Jumpah to keep tuition affordable for poor and underserved families.

$100 will help one more child learn for a full year. Donate here:

And follow my ride here:


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